Is Sugar Really Bad For Us?

Do you really need to give up Sugar (from Sanskrit: sharkara) to lead a healthy life? Over the past two decades, sugar has become the perennial punching bag as a catalyst for ageing, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, amongst a host of other diseases. This has prompted experts across the world to advocate a reduction in …


Taking Charge of ‘Your’ Health!

A few simple lifestyle choices can minimize the risk of chronic ailments and help us live life fully with vitality and good health. Here are a few tips to stay energized, happy and healthy at work.Choose your snacks wisely: Carry healthy snacks like vegetables, fruit, nuts, puffed rice, and whole wheat bread to office. Such …


3 most over-rated ‘healthy’ foods

granola-fruit bowl

The world of food is also beset with the snobbery of over-rated ‘healthy’ foods. Their actual superiority, however, is still to be proven. In many cases, they are a waste of money, more than anything else. Here are some top examples of money wasted on so-called ‘healthy’ foods:Premium Bottled Juices Sugar-packed, colored and containing many …


Is ditching wheat a good idea?


Ditch wheat to lose weight! That’s what Dr. William Davis, MD, a board-certified preventive cardiologist and best-selling author of the book “Wheat Belly” says. In fact he advocates ditching all other grains too, especially the pulverized, flour-versions of the grains. His series of Wheat Belly cookbooks offer gluten-free non-grain recipes containing natural foods such as eggs, meat, fowl, …