Breakfast boosts your child’s school grades

Breakfast Boost Grades

Mothers have always intuitively known that a healthy breakfast is essential if to keep their school-going children active and attentive. But even they don’t know how it can directly affect their academic performance. Now, a new study shows just that.Researchers say that students who include nutritional foods such as fruit, nuts and fibre in their …


6 foods that trigger adult acne

Puberty and adolescence is a harrowing period for most boys and girls due to the one irritating condition that makes their social life miserable – acne. As an adult, you rejoice that at last you’ve been rid of those lousy zits all over your face. But wait, mother nature doesn’t let you off that easily! …


How to cope with Erectile Dysfunction?

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a lonely, frustrating and devastating journey for those who have been affected by it. Not only does it wreak physical havoc, it is a psychological rabbit hole that can send a man into the depths of depression, and cause strained relationships and personal insecurities. What many may not realise is …


Boost your love life with a pet!

It’s the season of love for the young and old alike, as they eagerly await Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. On this day you can openly profess or reiterate your love to the one closest to your heart. But did you know that having a pet could boost your chances of getting the …


The benefits of barefoot walking

Barefoot experience

In an age where footwear has become an integral part of our fashion wardrobe, it would surprise most people that forsaking those shoes and walking barefoot could actually prove beneficial for our feet. But that’s exactly what some sports medicine experts are telling us lately.According to Patrick McKeon, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor in the Department …


Office-goers – Burn excess calories the easy way!

Losing excess fat and calories is a hard process. We all know how difficult it is to consistently hit the gym and shed those extra kilos. Opting for cosmetic or bariatric surgery can have it’s own downside. For those unfamiliar with the risks associated with “tummy tucks” please see our earlier post here.So, if you …


Could Botox prevent irregular heartbeats?

Botox for the heart

Most people know Botox (Botulinum toxin) as the ‘wonder injection’ that magically removes facial wrinkles in ageing celebrities and film stars. A growing number of well-heeled high society folk also seem to be turning to it maintain their beautiful looks. But now it seems Botox may be useful in matters of the heart and not …


“Tummy Tuck” surgery risks to consider

Fed up with that bulging waistline? With the ubiquitous availability of specialized aesthetic body-shaping surgical centres across India, more and more people are opting for the quick-fix solution – the “Tummy Tuck”. Costing anywhere between $1500 to $2500, this procedure is no longer limited to just celebrities and bollywood stars. Cosmetic surgeons are seeing more housewives, …


Is that midnight snack frying your memory?

Midnight Snacking

In a world afflicted with increasing stress at work and crazy office shifts, round-the-clock snacking has become a norm. However, a new study conducted on mice and published in the online open-access journal eLife, suggests that such eating habits can affect the hippocampal area of the brain. This resulted in memory and learning deficiencies in …


How can women cut their Diabetes risk by half?

India is the “Diabetes capital of the world” and has over 60 million diabetics in the country. This number is expected to go up to 120 million by the year 2030. Women who are diagnosed with diabetes during their pregnancy have what is called Gestational diabetes mellitus or GDM. Often it is a temporary phase …