Foods to Lay Off When You Have Arthritis

arthritis diet

Arthritis makes your body susceptible to inflammation, therefore watching your diet can aid in controlling the inflammation. Here’s a list of foods to keep away from if you are arthritic: Sugar As much as those cookies, pastries and chocolates call out to you, it’s time to limit their intake. Sugar releases inflammatory catalysts called cytokines. …


Why Diamonds Are Now Everybody’s Best Friend?


Diamonds have always been known to be a woman’s best friend. However, a recent study shows that they could be just about anybody’s best friend, with their unique ability in helping the medical fraternity detect cancer. A new study by Dr. Reilly for Nature Communications, has shown that a nanodiamond, which is a synthetic, nanoscale diamond …


7 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is the leading cause of death around the world. Therefore, consider some simple steps to ward it off. Just a few changes to your eating and lifestyle habits may do the trick. Modify your meals Try to avoid, as much as possible, red and processed meats, sugared drinks and heavy carbohydrates. Include foods like brazil …


5 Birth Control Options For Women

Birth Control

Which birth control option is best? There are a host of birth control options in the market today, and there’s no dearth of brands clamouring to be your best bedside partner. The question that remains, however, is which birth control option is best? Here are some options you can consider for birth control. Spermicide Spermicides are usually paired …


Does the Female Viagra Pill Really Work?

Female Viagra

There is a cure for low libido in women, after all. Low sex drives are a common phenomenon across women of all ages. It could be influenced by factors such as menstruation, childbirth, breastfeeding, contraception as well as menopause. Stress and an inadequate diet can also contribute to it. The Pink Viagra A pill labeled …


6 Reasons You Probably Can’t Sleep at Night

Sleep Disorder

Increasingly stressful lifestyles, endless cups of coffee and unfulfilled to-do lists, no wonder chronic sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common. If you find that you’re counting sheep at night longer than you’d like, you may have a condition that may need a doctor’s consult. Here are some of the most common sleep disorders, which may …


The Hidden Connection Between Menopause and Migraines


A new study has found that women who are prone to migraines may experience these incapacitating headaches, with increased frequency, as they approach menopause. As the progesterone and oestrogen levels rise during perimenopause, headaches are triggered, suggests co-author of the study Dr. Richard Lipton, Vice Chair of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. …


Do Processed Foods Cause Auto-Immune Diseases?

Auto-Immune Diseases Junk Food

It is common knowledge that junk food is bad. However, now there is evidence to suggest that processed foods can spike the risk of auto-immune diseases such as eczema, multiple sclerosis, alopecia and asthma. Collective findings from studies conducted by Yale University, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Harvard University, found that foods soaked in preservatives can …


6 STDs that can affect Pregnant Women


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are diseases that can severely affect pregnant women and their foetuses, if left untreated. The good news is that most of these infections can be treated. Mothers-to-be to should get themselves clinically tested for potential symptoms. Here is a compilation of 6 diseases to get tested …


5 Super Foods to Help You Drop Those Pounds

Super foods weightloss

Weight loss essentially involves consuming fewer calories than the body burns. Pick foods that make you feel full for longer and those that boost your metabolism to help you get in shape just a little bit faster.Here’s what to add to your basket the next time you go shopping. Dark Chocolate A study that was done …