World Malaria Day


A recent study by the World Health Organization has shown that 80% of India’s reported malaria cases come from states, which hold up to 20% of its population. The country has made some strides into addressing the disease. Studies show that the number of citizens affected by the disease has gone down from 2 million in …


Immunization Guide for New Parents


We have a surprise for you this World Immunization Week, coming Monday! Earn the chance to win a Free consult with our qualified doctors. Close the immunization gap this year Join the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) campaign to raise awareness on vaccination needs. It was the smallpox vaccination that led to worldwide eradication of this …


Painkiller Emerges as a Cancer Killer

Painkiller cures cancer

Who knew that a painkiller was poised to become a first-of-its-kind cancer cure? According to scientists from the Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) project, a common painkiller known as Diclofenac, has cancer curing properties. ReDo is a cross-country collaboration between the Anticancer Fund in Belgium, and US-based GlobalCures. Research suggests that this unexpected discovery may …


5 Ways Climate Change Impacts Your Health

Climate Change

Climate change can affect our planet in many ways like rising sea levels, storms, heat-waves, melting icecaps, etc. However, have you ever thought that it can also affect your health?Yes, that’s true! Few studies suggest that change in weather can affect human health in many ways: High risk of heart diseases Autonomic nervous system is a …


Why to Kick the Weed Habit Young?

Weed Smoking

We know that pot or weed, medically-termed marijuana, isn’t good for the body. It’s a class-A drug and is banned in several countries across the world. A new study at University of Texas at Dallas’ Centre for Brain Health, found that pot may actually change the appearance of young teens’ brains. Teenage pot users may …


Do you Have an Allergy to Household Items?


You may be familiar with dust, pollen or peanut allergy, but did you know that almost everything in the environment could be an allergen, according to Dr. Matthew Zirwas at the Werner Medical Centre, Ohio. There are lesser-known substances that can be found lying around your house, which can cause allergic reactions. What are allergies? An …


How Antibiotics Can Make You Hallucinate?

Antibiotics Hallucination

If you have been prescribed antibiotics and have experienced strange hallucinations, you should know that what you’ve experienced is not that rare. In fact, a new study suggests that antibiotics may spawn delirium more frequently than was previously thought. Delirium creates a combination of agitation and hallucinations; people who develop it are slightly more susceptible …


Simple Steps to Drop That Baby Weight

Baby Weight

Your body goes through immense changes over the pregnancy period. Along with planning for the baby’s arrival, you need to plan for how to shed those post-baby pounds. Once the baby has a steady sleep-cycle, your days and nights begin to take on a comfortable rhythm. This is a good time to start the weight loss …


Why Take Blood-Thinners After A Heart Stent Surgery?

Heart Stent Surgery

It has been discovered that patients with cardiac stents, may need more than the usual one-year course of blood thinners. A heart stent is a tiny mesh that is inserted in order to increase the width of clogged coronary arteries. They are used to treat patients that are likely to experience a heart attack or …


Reflect On Your Alcohol Consumption


World Liver Day 2016 Every year, ‘World Liver Day’ is celebrated on 19th April to spread the awareness on diseases that affect the liver. It is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself after damage. It’s function is essential for living, as it: Regulates blood sugar Removes toxic substances Releases bile Controls levels …