How to Deal with a Short-Temper?


Anger is an emotion felt by everyone from time to time. It is a primary and natural emotion. Mild anger may be brought about feeling stressed, tired or annoyed about a particular situation in life. It can also be caused if our basic human needs are not fulfilled, such as sleep, shelter, food, drink or …


The Role of BMR and BMI in Weight Loss


If you are concerned about fitness, you may be familiar with BMR and BMI. As for those of you that are not sure what these terms mean, read further. What is BMI? BMI is known as your Body Mass Index and is an indirect measure of your body composition. It determines your body fat using a …


Should Drug Addicts Have Tough Treatment?

drug addiction

Drug addiction is a relapsing brain disorder that causes one to compulsively seek out and use drugs. This compulsion is strong, despite how harmful the consequences may be to the addict or others around them. Addiction can cause changes in the structure and function of your brain. In India, the use of illegal drugs is …


Is Fat-Free Food Always Healthier?

Fat-Free Food

Based on a very feeble scientific substantiation, the conventional low-fat diet has been meticulously disproved. Cut out fat and you won’t get fat, right? Not really! Eating fat doesn’t make you fat! However, if you eat fat with disproportionate carbohydrates from sugars and refined grains it definitely will. Not only are fats an essential nutrient …


Treatment and Prevention of Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever

As the monsoon season is in full swing, dengue fever is on the rise. Many may be experiencing symptoms of dengue fever, however, remember viral fever symptoms can be quite similar to dengue. Dengue spreads through the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with the virus. The symptoms begin 3 to 6 days after infection. …


How Regular Exercise Can Reduce Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain

Lower-back pain is a common health concern, worldwide. It can have considerable impact on well-being and finances as it can create disabilities amongst patients, leading them to take time off work. Lack of activity can be a direct cause of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle can cause certain muscles to shut down, and when that happens – …


Surviving Post-Partum Depression: Home Remedies

post-partum depression

Post-Partum Depression is a serious condition that can present in the first few months following childbirth, stillbirths or even miscarriage. It is crucial to get depression corrected quickly, so that you can feel better and bond with your baby faster. Post-partum Psychosis, in turn, is an emergency as it can escalate suddenly, and put you …


Why Should One Seek Counseling?


The reasons people come to counseling or psychotherapy, are as different as the people themselves. For some, counseling is sought when they have experienced a traumatic event, an unexpected change in life, or a life transition, triggered by distress and uncertainty. Others seek counseling when they experience a sense of imbalance in their life, while others …