Do you Suffer from Malnutrition?


We have an opinion that undernourishment is only present among the poor that do not have access to food and water. These are usually the children or people we seen on the news or television. However, malnutrition can affect anyone, characterised by unplanned or unexpected weight loss. Nourishment is based on the quality of your …


How to Fight against PCOS?


Today, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of the most common hormonal disorders faced by women. This disorder causes the growth of multiple cysts in the uterus. Androgen, a male hormone also present in women in small quantities is produced in excess and this results in the failure of ovulation. Till today a particular reason …


Exercise can help Lower your Blood Pressure

low blood pressure

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a condition, which causes the blood to flow in excess force against your blood vessels when the heart pumps blood and circulates it throughout your body. This in turn causes the damage of blood vessels and leads to health issues like heart diseases like heart attacks or coronary artery disease. …


Which Parts of your Body Regenerate?


We have seen many animals have regenerating or repairing capabilities. For instance, lizards can regenerate their tails and salamanders can regrow their entire leg within 5 weeks. Regeneration refers to the regrowth of a missing part or damaged organ from the tissue that remains. Most parts of the human body don’t regenerate, for instance we …


5 Fun Facts About Your Teeth


Your teeth are quite an interesting and important part of your body. We have compiled five interesting facts about your teeth that you may not know about. Do you know how many days you take on brushing in your lifetime? Or how long you should be brushing them? Taking care of your teeth is important, learn …


Iron Deficiency may cause Thyroid Problems

iron deficiency

As far as elements go, iron has always played a crucial role during the course of pregnancy. With increased amount of fluid in circulation, pregnant women have a higher risk of developing anemia. This becomes further complicated as pregnant women require more iron that those that are not pregnant. Recently, European Journal of Endocrinology has uncovered a link …


Cardiovascular Risks Among Atheletes


The Olympics have started in Rio and athletes around the world are geared up to give the best performance of their lives. It is important to remember that the journey that these athletes have to take to get to this point is a hard one. Athletes need to have a lot of discipline, as well as, stamina …


Diabetic Emergencies: A Caretaker’s Guide

diabetic emergencies

Almost every household has or knows someone battling Diabetes. Affecting people from little children to previously healthy adults and aged individuals, the ailment has reached epidemic proportions in recent times. While the disease has its long-term complications, it can also pose acute, life-threatening diabetic emergencies – either from too much or too little blood sugar. …


Prevent Eye Strain While Using Your Laptop

eye strain

It is inevitable to live life without technology nowadays. We live in a world filled with phones, laptops, computers and iPads. While working or studying you will have to fixate your eyes on your screens for long periods of time. This causes headaches, blurred vision, insomnia and eye-problems. Learn some ways to lower the strain …


Healthy Eating for High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

Blood pressure is important for life. It is the force that maintains circulation of blood to all vital and working areas of the body. However, when the same pressure exceeds its normal limits, it can also cause various problems. Among these problems are brain bleeds, heart attacks and kidney failure. One of the best and earliest ways …