Detecting and Overcoming Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity

In a country where 270 million people still live below the poverty line, obesity seems a rather far-off issue. However, with the rise of a sedentary lifestyle and junk food, India is now home to the third largest number of obese people in the world, according to a study published in the premium medical journal – The …


10 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

signs of breast cancer

This month is breast cancer awareness month, so we are taking this time to educate you about the early warning signs of breast cancer. Here are some statistics about this form of cancer: Approximately 1.7 million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide in 2012. It is the 2nd most common cancer among both men and women, …


Breast Cancer Symptoms & Prevention

breast cancer

Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that causes tumour formation in the breast region. The occurrence of this form of cancer in India has risen, in the past few years. It is considered as the most common cancer among women. According to, the absolute risk of developing breast cancer during a particular decade of …


Be Sure to Cure the Cracked Feet

cracked feet

Ever feel that the soles of your feet itch terribly? Do you have cracked feet? It’s just a few cracks, you think. It will go away with time. However, it doesn’t. Now what to do? What exactly are cracked feet? The skin on the soles of our feet are tough and dry. There are no …


Is your Sneezing Problem due to Allergic Rhinitis?

allergic rhinitis

Sneezing constantly? You might have allergic rhinitis. What is that? Allergies can be rather annoying. Especially if you’re not sure what exactly you are allergic to. Sometimes everything from pollen and dust to cobwebs, fungus and skin flakes can cause allergic reactions. Anything that can cause an allergy is known as an allergen.  When an …


About Stroke: Treatment and Prevention

stroke treatment

In the previous post, we covered the various contributors and presentations of a stroke. The brain, responsible for a multitude of complex as well as primitive functions, requires a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, any interruption should be taken care of immediately to prevent permanent damage. Urgent treatment can minimize the long-term effects …


Recovering after an Inguinal Hernia Repair

inguinal hernia repair

Any surgical procedure requires careful after-care to prevent further damage to the organ under repair. A hernia occurs due to an organ pushing through the opening of the muscle or tissue, which holds it in place. For instance, the intestines can break through the abdominal wall. Hernias are not life threatening, however, require a surgical procedure …


Don’t Squeeze that Pimple! | Teenage Acne

teenage acne

Aargh! She yelled and sped to the bathroom, rummaging for make up to cover up the big pimple that had popped up on her forehead. As she didn’t want her friends to make fun of her for that. She was fourteen and every pimple was a big deal. As puberty starts to kick in, many teenagers find that they …