Back acne is back!

back acne

There has been a lot of talk of facial acne. It’s unsightly and so we try everything we can to get rid of it. However, in 61 percent of acne cases, the pustules are in the back and the chest. Surprised? This is called truncal acne. Truncal acne This is just acne that appears in …


Water to cure abdominal pain

water abdominal pain

Don’t believe it? Do you have acute abdominal pain? Do you feel mild difficulty in passing urine? Do you have frequent nausea or vomiting? You might have a kidney stone. Kidney stones Kidneys’ filter impurities from the blood, and then pass it out if the body as urine. The impurities mainly are mineral crystals and …


World Anti-Obesity Day


Its Anti-Obesity day today. The pound jumps from the vest (£) to the waist —the magic of obesity! Why has obesity become such a problem this century? We live in the age of globalization. We can get American burgers, Italian pizzas, Chinese dim sum and Belgian waffles with the click of a button. All we …


Keep burns at bay, celebrate the day!


Diwali is a time when, we are all abuzz with preparations for Poojas, decorating the house, getting the sweets and savories ready, and not to forget, stockpiling the house with firecrackers. Children and adults alike, we are absolutely crazy about those fireworks. Their mesmerizing colors and the beautiful sparks are all lovely….till one of us …


Do you know much about lung cancer?

lung cancer

Lung cancer causes about 27 percent of all the cancer-related deaths, according to International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). A significant increase in lung cancer cases was seen in the last four years. Lung cancer This type of cancer is the most common type of cancer and has been in the media …


5 ways to burn calories while at work

burn calories at work

Many of us are at a job where we spend the better half of the day stuck behind a desk. Even though we promise ourselves everyday that we are going to make it to the gym everyday after work, how many of us can actually say we kept our promises. Desk jobs can lead to …


Take care of your eyes during festivals


Make sure you take care of yourself and your family during festival times. When the lamps are all burning and the children are running about with fireworks, make sure they stay safe. During the festive season, particularly Diwali, one doesn’t come across even a road where the sparks from fireworks aren’t flying around. This can be …


World toilet day: hygiene and sanitation methods

world toilet day

World toilet day was an initiative that was started by the united nations (UN), to achieve their sustainability goals of ensuring that all international communities have access to toilets by 2030. Many of you may think are toilets really such a big deal? It is a basic right for humans to have access to clean water and …


How to deal with cracked heels?

cracked heels

As monsoon ends and winter approaches, there are whole host of conditions that our skin needs to deal with. Primarily, our skin may dry out, become itchy and peel away. One common problem that many of us may face are cracked heels. Learn some quick home remedies that can put those cracked heels to rest. …


What to do if someone has epilepsy?


What would you do if a person in the train standing next to you suddenly goes rigid, falls down and starts twitching? This is a serious situation. Seizures happening more than once is a characteristic of epilepsy. This is due to the malfunctioning of the electric signals in the brain. According to a study, there …