How to deal with sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth

Most people face this one time or the other in their lifetime. If you find yourself trying to avoid hot beverages, cold foods or acidic juices, in all likelihood you are suffering from sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity or Dentin hypersensitivity can affect exposed root surfaces or the tooth surfaces. Sensitivity occurs when gum recession occurs …


Why you should lose those high heels?

Lose Those Heels

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t admire a woman walking around on a pair of high heels? They make a woman appear taller and also draw attention to her well rounded calves. It seems to have become common practice to wear high heels with any outfit while going out. However, with this style comes a lot …


Why you shouldn’t ignore breakfast

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast, the first meal of the day, when you are essentially “breaking-your-fast” is extremely important. In today’s fast-paced life, many of us rush through the morning and often ignore the first meal of the day. Skipping this meal can have a major impact on your weight loss. Your circadian rhythm is your 24-hour cycle that …


All you need to know about Sinusitis


Sinusitis is a swelling or inflammation of the tissue-lining in the sinuses. Generally sinuses that are healthy, are filled with air. However, they can become filled or blocked with fluid. Inside these sinuses pathogens can fester and cause infections. What can cause a sinus blockage? Sinusitis can be of many types and vary from acute to a …


Allergy triggers that can be life-threatening

Allergy Trigger

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Your immune system overreacts to certain proteins in the the offending substance called allergens. The reactions can be due to latex, insect stings, foods and medications. Usually allergic symptoms occur only in one location of the body, but some people can have more severe anaphylactic reactions. In this …


5 ways to burn calories while at work

burn calories at work

Many of us are at a job where we spend the better half of the day stuck behind a desk. Even though we promise ourselves everyday that we are going to make it to the gym everyday after work, how many of us can actually say we kept our promises. Desk jobs can lead to …


World toilet day: hygiene and sanitation methods

world toilet day

World toilet day was an initiative that was started by the united nations (UN), to achieve their sustainability goals of ensuring that all international communities have access to toilets by 2030. Many of you may think are toilets really such a big deal? It is a basic right for humans to have access to clean water and …


How to deal with cracked heels?

cracked heels

As monsoon ends and winter approaches, there are whole host of conditions that our skin needs to deal with. Primarily, our skin may dry out, become itchy and peel away. One common problem that many of us may face are cracked heels. Learn some quick home remedies that can put those cracked heels to rest. …


Do your eyes water constantly?


Do your friends keep asking you why you are crying all the time? When in fact you are perfectly fine, but your eyes just water constantly? Epiphora or tearing is a condition during which tears overflow onto the face without any explanation. Learn about several causes that can lead to tearing eyes. When does epiphora (watery-eyes) …


Is it that time of the month? Dealing with PMS

dealing with PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) affects a large proportion of women. Many women experience symptoms like cramping, bloating, mood changes, irritability and even anger. According to, about 85% of women have reported at least one of these symptoms during that time of the month. The symptoms can be mild for some, but debilitating for others. Even though …