Artificial pancreas herald a new era for diabetics?


The US Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of an artificial system of delivering insulin to the body. It is paving the revolution in treatment for people with Type 1 Diabetes or Insulin-Dependent Type 2 Diabetes. This could spell a mountain of difference in the lives of millions, who currently live at the mercy …


Pregnancy and Diabetes – what you need to know

gestational diabetes

During pregnancy, especially around the 24th week, many women tend to develop Diabetes. Termed Gestational Diabetes, it is a disorder of blood sugar levels particular during the period of pregnancy. Why does it arise, and what long-term effects does Gestational Diabetes have? How does it affect the growing fetus? The reason behind diabetes in pREGNANCY Gestational …


Thyroid Levels Risk Sudden Cardiac Death

cardiac death

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland located around your windpipe in the neck may seem small, but has widely varying and far-reaching functions. Its chief hormone, thyroxine, regulates various metabolic processes in your body. It regulates them throughout our life. When thyroid levels are deranged, they can have different adverse effects. Both high and low levels of …


About Stroke: Treatment and Prevention

stroke treatment

In the previous post, we covered the various contributors and presentations of a stroke. The brain, responsible for a multitude of complex as well as primitive functions, requires a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, any interruption should be taken care of immediately to prevent permanent damage. Urgent treatment can minimize the long-term effects …


The Causes and Symptoms of Stroke


When blood supply to the heart is reduced or blocked, it results in a heart attack. Most organs in our body depend on blood circulation to provide timely nutrients and oxygen, while simultaneously carrying away metabolic wastes. What happens when that organ is your brain? What are the causes of a ‘brain attack’ or stroke? …


Keep Your Toddlers’ Eyes Safe

toddlers eyes

A recent study published in JAMA Ophthalmology revealed that children aged between 1 to 2 years were at highest risk of chemical burns to their eyes. As opposed to the expected results, the research provided insight into how common chemicals around the house are ignored as potential dangers. As a parent, here are some tidbits …


Does Sleep Deprivation affect Behavior?

sleep deprivation

Sleep, food and physical activity are the basic tenets of a good, healthy lifestyle. While much has been written about the importance of a nutritious diet and regular exercise, sleep doesn’t get similar attention. With poor sleep hygiene and unpredictable working-hours, sound sleep is slowly turning into a luxury. Does chronic sleep deprivation cause permanent …


Are Injectable Gels the Future for Heart Failure?

Heart failure

The heart, along with supplying blood to every tip of the body, gets its own oxygen and nutrition via small, thin vessels that run over its surface. A heart attack occurs when one or more of these vessels get blocked. However, surviving an episode of excruciating pain does not ensure full recovery. A new invention may, …


Nail biting: A Bad Habit or Something More?

nail biting

Most of us have been guilty of gnawing at our fingernails, be it out of anxiety or habit, at some point in our lives. Does the act itself signify anything serious or could it lead to further problems? Here are a few facts on nail-biting, and some tips on tackling the habit. Why does nail …


Taking Care after a Major Surgery


Surgery is often a life-saving measure against many diseases. However, the struggle often begins soon after. The body reacts to any major operation the way it does to a trauma – activating its defense system and releasing stress hormones. The period after surgery is a particularly vulnerable one, and taking a few steps can ensure …