Weight loss surgery, otherwise known as bariatric surgery can be an instant solution to your weight loss woes. It can alleviate health problems such as joint pains, heart conditions and extreme blood pressure. However, though bariatric surgery may seem like a weight loss jackpot in the short run, it appears that it may not be the best idea in the long run. In a new study conducted at Tel Aviv University, Israel, it has been found that many patients regain the lost weight within just five years of surgery.

Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery

The study was done on a little under 450 patients, who underwent sleeve gastrectomy procedure in order to lose weight. It was found that participants had lost an average of 77% of their body weight after a year. The further 70% of their weight after three years, and just 56% after five years. It wasn’t just body weight that patients that showed complacency.

After a year, half of all patients began to see their diabetes go into remission. Whereas, five years after the surgery, only 20% of patients were seeing this remission. Similar trends were seen with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, hypertension and blood pressure. By the end of the first year LDL levels dropped, whereas they had risen again by the end of year 5.

What post-surgery adjustments need to be made?

Dr. Andre Keidar, lead researcher of the study was quoted on ActiveBeat.com as saying,

“The first year after surgery is usually a honeymoon period that should be used for coining new habits, and the ones that don’t do that regain weight… Don’t take surgery as a panacea–beware of bad eating habits.”

Eating habits should be regularised, portions should be monitored and eating healthy should become a way of life. Additional efforts should be made to keep the weight off, even after bariatric surgery.

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