Its Anti-Obesity day today. The pound jumps from the vest (£) to the waist —the magic of obesity! Why has obesity become such a problem this century?

We live in the age of globalization. We can get American burgers, Italian pizzas, Chinese dim sum and Belgian waffles with the click of a button. All we need is a decent internet connection and a wallet full of money! We are perpetually busy so grabbing a quick bite has become the norm while rushing off to work.  All these quick and easy meals have lightened our wallets and purses considerably and added those pounds to our waists!

We welcome obesity into our lives. Sadly, as Indians, our genes have a certain sequence that makes us a target to getting obesity really easily, and also the associated heart disease and diabetes.


This condition is not just being overweight.  It also brings about heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancers, gout, stroke, osteoarthritis and problems with the gall bladder. Around 5 percent of Indians have obesity and this is a rather high proportion. With our sedentary lifestyle, our calorie intake is higher than average, causing the problem of overweight.

It is unfortunate that once we cross the threshold from overweight to obesity, we cannot shed the extra weight easily. Women are more prone to be obese, as compared to men.

Obesity undermines confidence and affects the overall quality of life, not just the social aspects of it. School, workplace and even at home, one is not immune from the emotional hardships to be faced.

Childhood obesity

More than 15 percent of the children are affected. This makes it very likely for them to suffer from the associated conditions as well.  It is suggested that the lifestyle of junk food, video games, television and other electronics are responsible for the high percentage of childhood obesity.

What to do about it?

Both sides of the spectrum now flourish, with extremely health conscious people constantly dieting and exercising overly and other people grimacing at the thought of exercise.  Both extremes are harmful. It is necessary to maintain a balance between eating and exercise. Just eating healthier and cutting back on junk food, along with maintaining an active life can do wonders to reduce the excess kilos. While we can’t expect to see instantaneous results, a few months will show an improvement.

There are no short cuts to weight loss. Trying weight loss drugs haphazardly without a prescription can be incredibly harmful. DO NOT try it.

In case of really bad cases, fat burning medicines can be prescribed by a doctor, but it is not generally done.  Surgically treating obesity though bariatric surgery (It can be either reducing the size of the stomach or connecting the upper part of the stomach to lower part of the small intestine.), which greatly reduces the amount of food that can be eaten.  This is not recommended unless in the most extreme of cases.

A healthy regimen plus an active regime equals to an obesity free life!

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