We’ve always been told that sodas are bad for us, they ruin our teeth and send our sugar levels through the roof. Beverage companies have been ridiculed for promoting sodas as items that should be included in our daily diets, and armchair activists have spoken out against the soda tribe. It turns out though, we might actually have something to be thankful for to the soft drinks industry.

Lung Cancer Medication

A new study finds that patients with a certain form of lung cancer may actually find the answer to their medical woes in Coca-Cola. Tarceva, a commonly prescribed drug for the disease depends largely on the pH balance in the stomach. However, most patients are also prescribed, a proton pump inhibitor, heartburn medication like Nexium or Prilosec, making the stomach pH far more alkaline than it should be. This reduces the absorption of Tarceva, which needs acidic conditions for optimal performance.

Coke improves Tarceva Absorption

In the new study led by Dr. Roelof van Leeuwen, of Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the concept of taking an acidic beverage along with Tarceva, was explored. 28 patients were asked to consume 8 ounces of water for one week along with their medication, followed by 8 ounces of Coke the next week. For the two weeks that followed, patients repeated the cycle, but in reverse order. Results showed that there was a significant increase in the absorption rate upon consumption of cola, along with Tarceva. Patients also found it easy to add this beverage in their daily routines.

How does this affect future treatment cycles?

The research team was optimistic that cola can help in the treatment cycles of patients with lung cancer, though they also noted that further studies need to be undertaken to substantiate the findings. The results are not conclusive therefore, precaution must be taken before adding cola to your daily routine. It is advisable to speak to a medical professional before altering your diet.

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