World Anti-Obesity Day


Its Anti-Obesity day today. The pound jumps from the vest (£) to the waist —the magic of obesity! Why has obesity become such a problem this century? We live in the age of globalization. We can get American burgers, Italian pizzas, Chinese dim sum and Belgian waffles with the click of a button. All we …


Dangers of Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity

For centuries our focus has been on ensuring children get the best to eat. With changing times and diet, however, the quality of food hasn’t always stayed the highest. Junk food, physical inactivity with genetic influences, has led to a rise in childhood obesity. Are overweight children at similar risks as adults? Does childhood obesity contribute to …


Is Weight Loss Surgery Really Effective?

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, otherwise known as bariatric surgery can be an instant solution to your weight loss woes. It can alleviate health problems such as joint pains, heart conditions and extreme blood pressure. However, though bariatric surgery may seem like a weight loss jackpot in the short run, it appears that it may not be …


Cut Your Weight, Cut Your Chances of Cancer

Cut Obesity Cut Cancer

Connection between obesity and cancer A new discovery was made at the Laboratory of Tumour Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. It seems there is a stark connection between obesity and, pancreatic and breast cancers. This has laid the path to the development of preventive treatments to address the disease. “The fact that this …


The Truth Behind Weight Loss Drugs

Weight Loss Drugs

The mantra behind weight loss is simple: ‘Eat Clean and Burn Mean! Lately, a host of weight loss drugs have flooded the market with a claim to conquer the weight loss conundrum. Some common names you may hear in India include Orlistat, No Fat Capsules, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean. Make sure you have …