6 Facts About Yoga— International Yoga Day 2016

Yoga has been around for several thousands of years. The father of Yoga was Maharishi Patanjali, the founder of Yoga Philosophy. He believed in Ashtanga Yoga, the eightfold path towards healthy living. Yoga has helped many with their health problems around the world, so find out what it can do for you? Comment below if you …


How Safe are Microwaveable Plastic Boxes?

Plastic Boxes Lunch

Our generation has been named the ‘plastic age’ as we produce over a billion tonnes of plastic, every four years, according to The Plastic Age Documentary by I-D, Vice News. We are ignoring the implications of these cheap, heavily durable materials on our health. Studies have shown that humans consume a significant amount of industrial chemicals …


Our Brain Can Compete With The Internet

Brain Memory

Did you know that our brain can store as much data as is available on the entire internet? A new research conducted by neuroscientists suggests that our brain’s capacity is ten times more than earlier thought. Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California measured the links between brain cells and …


Innovative Sanitary Napkin Disposal Device

Sanitary Napkin

Disposing off used sanitary napkins is one of the key challenges faced by women in rural India. Mr. Shyamsunder Bedekar from Gujarat addressed this problem with his innovation named ‘Ashudinashak’ which translates to ‘impurity destroyer’. This device is a low cost incinerator that burns used sanitary napkins and makes it easier for women to dispose …


First Diagnostic Blood Test for Asthma

Asthma Free

Currently, the diagnostics tests for asthma do not provide conclusive results. Incorrect diagnosis has led to inhalers being prescribed without definitive reasoning. According to Asthma UK, better diagnostic tests are urgently required. A study at the Hershey Medical Center, has found asthma biomarkers required to develop the first diagnostic blood test. This test may overcome …


Why Diamonds Are Now Everybody’s Best Friend?


Diamonds have always been known to be a woman’s best friend. However, a recent study shows that they could be just about anybody’s best friend, with their unique ability in helping the medical fraternity detect cancer. A new study by Dr. Reilly for Nature Communications, has shown that a nanodiamond, which is a synthetic, nanoscale diamond …


World Malaria Day


A recent study by the World Health Organization has shown that 80% of India’s reported malaria cases come from states, which hold up to 20% of its population. The country has made some strides into addressing the disease. Studies show that the number of citizens affected by the disease has gone down from 2 million in …


Immunization Guide for New Parents


We have a surprise for you this World Immunization Week, coming Monday! Earn the chance to win a Free consult with our qualified doctors. Close the immunization gap this year Join the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) campaign to raise awareness on vaccination needs. It was the smallpox vaccination that led to worldwide eradication of this …


Painkiller Emerges as a Cancer Killer

Painkiller cures cancer

Who knew that a painkiller was poised to become a first-of-its-kind cancer cure? According to scientists from the Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) project, a common painkiller known as Diclofenac, has cancer curing properties. ReDo is a cross-country collaboration between the Anticancer Fund in Belgium, and US-based GlobalCures. Research suggests that this unexpected discovery may …


How Antibiotics Can Make You Hallucinate?

Antibiotics Hallucination

If you have been prescribed antibiotics and have experienced strange hallucinations, you should know that what you’ve experienced is not that rare. In fact, a new study suggests that antibiotics may spawn delirium more frequently than was previously thought. Delirium creates a combination of agitation and hallucinations; people who develop it are slightly more susceptible …