Why Take Blood-Thinners After A Heart Stent Surgery?

Heart Stent Surgery

It has been discovered that patients with cardiac stents, may need more than the usual one-year course of blood thinners. A heart stent is a tiny mesh that is inserted in order to increase the width of clogged coronary arteries. They are used to treat patients that are likely to experience a heart attack or …


Virtual Reality for the Heart

Who would have thought that one day, virtual reality would be applied to surgical procedures? A term often associated with cutting-edge e-commerce logistics and state-of-the-art 3D animation technology, has become a medical marvel. Harnessing Visualisation Technology Canadian Journal of Cardiology recently published a report on a successful cardiac surgery conducted by surgeons at the Institute …


Wireless Medicine: Access Anywhere and Everywhere.

WHAT IS WIRELESS MEDICINE? Nowadays, everybody is digitally connected. Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become staple members of our arsenal of must-haves. Information can be accessed at breakneck speeds from across the globe; revolutionising a phenomenon known as wireless medicine. Here are some of the newest entrants that will change the face of medical treatment …