Water to cure abdominal pain

water abdominal pain

Don’t believe it? Do you have acute abdominal pain? Do you feel mild difficulty in passing urine? Do you have frequent nausea or vomiting? You might have a kidney stone. Kidney stones Kidneys’ filter impurities from the blood, and then pass it out if the body as urine. The impurities mainly are mineral crystals and …


World Anti-Obesity Day


Its Anti-Obesity day today. The pound jumps from the vest (£) to the waist —the magic of obesity! Why has obesity become such a problem this century? We live in the age of globalization. We can get American burgers, Italian pizzas, Chinese dim sum and Belgian waffles with the click of a button. All we …


Do you know much about lung cancer?

lung cancer

Lung cancer causes about 27 percent of all the cancer-related deaths, according to International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). A significant increase in lung cancer cases was seen in the last four years. Lung cancer This type of cancer is the most common type of cancer and has been in the media …


What to do if someone has epilepsy?


What would you do if a person in the train standing next to you suddenly goes rigid, falls down and starts twitching? This is a serious situation. Seizures happening more than once is a characteristic of epilepsy. This is due to the malfunctioning of the electric signals in the brain. According to a study, there …


Turn the ‘e’ in sweet into ’a’ and sweat!

world diabetes day

The season of festivities is behind us. We’ve had Eid, Navratri, Dusshera and lately Diwali and Halloween. There are tasty treats all around and resisting the urge to take just one more laddoo is futile! Since it’s World Diabetes Day, we are increasing awareness of the condition. However, here comes the bad news — the overindulgence …


Artificial pancreas herald a new era for diabetics?


The US Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of an artificial system of delivering insulin to the body. It is paving the revolution in treatment for people with Type 1 Diabetes or Insulin-Dependent Type 2 Diabetes. This could spell a mountain of difference in the lives of millions, who currently live at the mercy …


When does Blood Pressure suddenly fall?

low blood pressure

Everyone knows about high blood pressure (BP). However, did you know that low BP can be quite harmful? What is hypotension? Low blood pressure or hypotension comes to be when the blood pressure drops well below the normal 120/80 mm Hg.  If the blood pressure drops to below 90/60mm Hg, then it’s called hypotension. Having …


Is Alzheimer’s Disease Inheritable?

alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s is a pretty difficult disease to manage. It can affect the entire thinking process, cause dementia and eventually lead to death. The patients need constant attention. It is understandable that anyone with a family history of Alzheimer’s would be worried about inheriting it, or passing it to their children. So here is the big …


Early Onset Alzheimer’s — Fact to counter Fiction

early onset alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s has been in all the news lately, last month being Alzheimer’s month. It seems that older people are more prone to Alzheimer’s, however, early onset Alzheimer’s proves that incorrect. Early onset Alzheimer’s? Early onset Alzheimer’s affects a younger population. Usually Alzheimer’s is found among the 40 to 60  age group. It is less prevalent than the Alzheimer’s in the …


An apple a day, keeps osteoporosis away


Its World Osteoporosis Day. This year, it’s all about awareness towards the condition. Osteoporosis affects the bones, they become weak and fragile, making them snap easily. According to International Osteoporosis Foundation, women are more susceptible to this problem. One in three women and one in five men aged above fifty have greater changes of getting …