5 Ways to Banish the Belly Fat

Belly Fat Loss

Belly fat if not controlled, can churn out stress hormones that can seriously affect the body’s insulin composition and lead to development of Type 2 Diabetes. If you’ve been having a perennial battle with your stubborn belly fat, it’s time that you looked at these useful tips to help you through your weight-loss journey:Vigorous Exercise: …


Can Exercise Reduce Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain

Got a throbbing pain in your back? Not to worry, just put on your sports shoes and head for a jog! According to National Health Service UK (NHS), studies have found that exercise could alleviate lower back pain by up to 35% and reduce the risk of taking time off work due to it, by …


5 Super Foods to Help You Drop Those Pounds

Super foods weightloss

Weight loss essentially involves consuming fewer calories than the body burns. Pick foods that make you feel full for longer and those that boost your metabolism to help you get in shape just a little bit faster.Here’s what to add to your basket the next time you go shopping. Dark Chocolate A study that was done …


Simple Steps to Drop That Baby Weight

Baby Weight

Your body goes through immense changes over the pregnancy period. Along with planning for the baby’s arrival, you need to plan for how to shed those post-baby pounds. Once the baby has a steady sleep-cycle, your days and nights begin to take on a comfortable rhythm. This is a good time to start the weight loss …


Why Exercise Means Stronger Bones?

Exercise Bones

Who knew that the merits of exercise never end? In a new study, men who engage in high-intensity workouts, when they’re in their teens or young adulthood, benefit from a greater bone density by the time they reach middle age. Vigorous activities such as jogging and high-energy sports can boost bone mass in the hip …


The Truth Behind Weight Loss Drugs

Weight Loss Drugs

The mantra behind weight loss is simple: ‘Eat Clean and Burn Mean! Lately, a host of weight loss drugs have flooded the market with a claim to conquer the weight loss conundrum. Some common names you may hear in India include Orlistat, No Fat Capsules, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean. Make sure you have …


Are you exercising too much?

Are You Exercising Too Much

You are a fitness freak and love breaking a sweat whenever you get a chance. Naturally, the “endorphin” rush is something you look forward to at the end of that daily grind that you put your body through. But is all that exertion having consequences you didn’t sign up for? Are you exercising too much?Too …


Office-goers – Burn excess calories the easy way!

Losing excess fat and calories is a hard process. We all know how difficult it is to consistently hit the gym and shed those extra kilos. Opting for cosmetic or bariatric surgery can have it’s own downside. For those unfamiliar with the risks associated with “tummy tucks” please see our earlier post here.So, if you …


Taking Charge of ‘Your’ Health!

A few simple lifestyle choices can minimize the risk of chronic ailments and help us live life fully with vitality and good health. Here are a few tips to stay energized, happy and healthy at work.Choose your snacks wisely: Carry healthy snacks like vegetables, fruit, nuts, puffed rice, and whole wheat bread to office. Such …