When does Blood Pressure suddenly fall?

low blood pressure

Everyone knows about high blood pressure (BP). However, did you know that low BP can be quite harmful? What is hypotension? Low blood pressure or hypotension comes to be when the blood pressure drops well below the normal 120/80 mm Hg.  If the blood pressure drops to below 90/60mm Hg, then it’s called hypotension. Having …


Thyroid Levels Risk Sudden Cardiac Death

cardiac death

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland located around your windpipe in the neck may seem small, but has widely varying and far-reaching functions. Its chief hormone, thyroxine, regulates various metabolic processes in your body. It regulates them throughout our life. When thyroid levels are deranged, they can have different adverse effects. Both high and low levels of …


About Stroke: Treatment and Prevention

stroke treatment

In the previous post, we covered the various contributors and presentations of a stroke. The brain, responsible for a multitude of complex as well as primitive functions, requires a continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, any interruption should be taken care of immediately to prevent permanent damage. Urgent treatment can minimize the long-term effects …


The Causes and Symptoms of Stroke


When blood supply to the heart is reduced or blocked, it results in a heart attack. Most organs in our body depend on blood circulation to provide timely nutrients and oxygen, while simultaneously carrying away metabolic wastes. What happens when that organ is your brain? What are the causes of a ‘brain attack’ or stroke? …


Are Injectable Gels the Future for Heart Failure?

Heart failure

The heart, along with supplying blood to every tip of the body, gets its own oxygen and nutrition via small, thin vessels that run over its surface. A heart attack occurs when one or more of these vessels get blocked. However, surviving an episode of excruciating pain does not ensure full recovery. A new invention may, …


Midday Napping may Increase Risk for Hypertension

midday nap hypertension

Amidst the bustle of everyday, nothing can replace the relaxing effects of a nap. However, does the short-term relief come at a permanent price? Is there evidence to support a link between daytime napping and hypertension? How does sleep affect our blood pressure? According to a recent study, a meta-analysis of nine studies, encompassing 120, …


Exercise can help Lower your Blood Pressure

low blood pressure

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a condition, which causes the blood to flow in excess force against your blood vessels when the heart pumps blood and circulates it throughout your body. This in turn causes the damage of blood vessels and leads to health issues like heart diseases like heart attacks or coronary artery disease. …


Cardiovascular Risks Among Atheletes


The Olympics have started in Rio and athletes around the world are geared up to give the best performance of their lives. It is important to remember that the journey that these athletes have to take to get to this point is a hard one. Athletes need to have a lot of discipline, as well as, stamina …


Healthy Eating for High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

Blood pressure is important for life. It is the force that maintains circulation of blood to all vital and working areas of the body. However, when the same pressure exceeds its normal limits, it can also cause various problems. Among these problems are brain bleeds, heart attacks and kidney failure. One of the best and earliest ways …


Varicose veins: Treatment and Home Remedies

varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins, the dilated and engorged veins that can appear on your legs and other parts of your body, can be disconcerting and uncomfortable. With newer treatments and some do-it-yourself steps, they too can be history. Here are some recommendations that you can choose from. What can you do from home? Exercise Weight Loss Leg …