Are you exercising too much?

Are You Exercising Too Much

You are a fitness freak and love breaking a sweat whenever you get a chance. Naturally, the “endorphin” rush is something you look forward to at the end of that daily grind that you put your body through. But is all that exertion having consequences you didn’t sign up for? Are you exercising too much?Too …


Office-goers – Burn excess calories the easy way!

Losing excess fat and calories is a hard process. We all know how difficult it is to consistently hit the gym and shed those extra kilos. Opting for cosmetic or bariatric surgery can have it’s own downside. For those unfamiliar with the risks associated with “tummy tucks” please see our earlier post here.So, if you …


Could Botox prevent irregular heartbeats?

Botox for the heart

Most people know Botox (Botulinum toxin) as the ‘wonder injection’ that magically removes facial wrinkles in ageing celebrities and film stars. A growing number of well-heeled high society folk also seem to be turning to it maintain their beautiful looks. But now it seems Botox may be useful in matters of the heart and not …