Early Onset Alzheimer’s — Fact to counter Fiction

early onset alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s has been in all the news lately, last month being Alzheimer’s month. It seems that older people are more prone to Alzheimer’s, however, early onset Alzheimer’s proves that incorrect. Early onset Alzheimer’s? Early onset Alzheimer’s affects a younger population. Usually Alzheimer’s is found among the 40 to 60  age group. It is less prevalent than the Alzheimer’s in the …


The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, which occurs in stages and develops over a span of time. It causes the death of nerve cells and loss of tissues in the brain. It results in memory loss and diminished cognitive skills.  Every 68 seconds a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and hence this proves why …


Alzheimer’s vs Dementia: Know the Difference!

dementia vs alzheimers

On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, we would like to raise awareness on the condition. As many people are not aware of the difference, the terms are interchangeable. Learn about the key distinctions between the disorders and avoid confusing both. It is possible to have a form of dementia, which is unrelated to Alzheimer’s, according …


Does Sleep Deprivation affect Behavior?

sleep deprivation

Sleep, food and physical activity are the basic tenets of a good, healthy lifestyle. While much has been written about the importance of a nutritious diet and regular exercise, sleep doesn’t get similar attention. With poor sleep hygiene and unpredictable working-hours, sound sleep is slowly turning into a luxury. Does chronic sleep deprivation cause permanent …


Anxiety Disorder Strikes Younger Populations

childhood anxiety

Today’s fast paced life and increasing stress have led to a rise in mental illnesses worldwide. Even children are not immune from this; suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), and many more.  A study conducted in 2009 states that the overall childhood and adolescent mental illness in India was between 6% …


Depression and Addiction a Deadly Coalition


Addiction and depression are a dangerous duo, one almost always leading to the other. Together, it can cause absolute turmoil with regard to your health and productivity. It also has a negative impact on the people around you. Numerous people have lost their lives owing to addiction and depression. Studies state the occurrence of depression …


How to Cope with Anxiety?


Feeling upset, sad, stressed or anxious are common emotions that everybody has to deal with at some point in time. However, it is essential for the feelings to not overwhelm you to the point where you are unable to go about your day-to-day activities. Learn about how to cope with anxiety problems. Watch your diet …


What to look for in a Counsellor or Psychotherapist?


Nowadays it is not complicated and trouble-free to search for a counselor, but conceivably more complicated to recognize if you have found the right one for you. There is also a ruthless situation of terminology to get your head in the region before starting to search for the exact professional. Make sure you locate someone who …


3 Ways to Improve Your Concentration

Concentration Techniques

Concentration refers to the ability of being able to focus on one particular thing at a time. If you are able to focus all your attention to the matter at hand, then your concentration is known to be good. Improving your concentration can require a great amount of effort and time. It requires long-term efforts, …


Surviving Post-Partum Depression: Home Remedies

post-partum depression

Post-Partum Depression is a serious condition that can present in the first few months following childbirth, stillbirths or even miscarriage. It is crucial to get depression corrected quickly, so that you can feel better and bond with your baby faster. Post-partum Psychosis, in turn, is an emergency as it can escalate suddenly, and put you …