Do You Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Do you arrange the food in your plate at specific angles to each other? Or perhaps the knives and forks in your kitchen are organised in rows and columns, at 90 degrees to each other in the cutlery tray. Habits like these may be described as personality quirks, but if they are more persistent and …


6 Reasons You Probably Can’t Sleep at Night

Sleep Disorder

Increasingly stressful lifestyles, endless cups of coffee and unfulfilled to-do lists, no wonder chronic sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common. If you find that you’re counting sheep at night longer than you’d like, you may have a condition that may need a doctor’s consult. Here are some of the most common sleep disorders, which may …


Why to Kick the Weed Habit Young?

Weed Smoking

We know that pot or weed, medically-termed marijuana, isn’t good for the body. It’s a class-A drug and is banned in several countries across the world. A new study at University of Texas at Dallas’ Centre for Brain Health, found that pot may actually change the appearance of young teens’ brains. Teenage pot users may …


How Antibiotics Can Make You Hallucinate?

Antibiotics Hallucination

If you have been prescribed antibiotics and have experienced strange hallucinations, you should know that what you’ve experienced is not that rare. In fact, a new study suggests that antibiotics may spawn delirium more frequently than was previously thought. Delirium creates a combination of agitation and hallucinations; people who develop it are slightly more susceptible …