The Role of BMR and BMI in Weight Loss


If you are concerned about fitness, you may be familiar with BMR and BMI. As for those of you that are not sure what these terms mean, read further. What is BMI? BMI is known as your Body Mass Index and is an indirect measure of your body composition. It determines your body fat using a …


Is Fat-Free Food Always Healthier?

Fat-Free Food

Based on a very feeble scientific substantiation, the conventional low-fat diet has been meticulously disproved. Cut out fat and you won’t get fat, right? Not really! Eating fat doesn’t make you fat! However, if you eat fat with disproportionate carbohydrates from sugars and refined grains it definitely will. Not only are fats an essential nutrient …


Dangers of Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity

For centuries our focus has been on ensuring children get the best to eat. With changing times and diet, however, the quality of food hasn’t always stayed the highest. Junk food, physical inactivity with genetic influences, has led to a rise in childhood obesity. Are overweight children at similar risks as adults? Does childhood obesity contribute to …


Is Fasting Healthy For You?


In the last post, we explored different ways to stay healthy while fasting. However, is fasting suited for your health in the first place? Depending on pre-existing conditions, you may have to take some precautions or avoid the practice altogether in the best interests of your health. Who should not fast? * Patients with chronic …


How Safe are Microwaveable Plastic Boxes?

Plastic Boxes Lunch

Our generation has been named the ‘plastic age’ as we produce over a billion tonnes of plastic, every four years, according to The Plastic Age Documentary by I-D, Vice News. We are ignoring the implications of these cheap, heavily durable materials on our health. Studies have shown that humans consume a significant amount of industrial chemicals …


Guide to Healthy Eating while Fasting

Ramadan Fasting

With the advent of Ramadan this month, a sizeable chunk of people would be observing the practice of fasting. Done correctly, it can be a good way to cleanse your system and get fit. Find out how to stay healthy this Ramadan. What happens to your body while fasting? When starved of food, the body …


Dehydration – Cause for Concern this Summer

dehydration water

Dehydration occurs when water loss is greater than water intake. Water is essential for the body, and keeping the body adequately hydrated is necessary for it to function. Water makes up 75% of the body’s weight, mainly found within the cells of the body. The rest is found in the blood vessels and the interstitial …


Why Should You Spend 15 Minutes Everyday in the Sun?

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for all of us, and the best source for it is right under the sun. A combined study at the Boston Medical Centre and Mahidol University has shown that 70% of South Asians show a vitamin D deficiency. Researchers suggested that this deficiency is becoming a bigger problem for …


6 Common Dieting Mistakes

Dieting Mistakes

Been trying to lose those few extra pounds but finding it close to impossible? If you’ve tried to lose weight but haven’t managed to do the same, then there is a chance that you could be making a few common dieting mistakes. Even if you’ve been hitting the gym religiously and have tried every recommended physical …


Bad Cholesterol Reducing Super Foods

bad cholesterol reducing foods

It is essential to keep your heart health in order by controlling your cholesterol levels. In general, a dietician’s advice would be to cut out fatty foods. Particularly, foods with low levels of saturated fat help to keep your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or ‘bad’ cholesterol levels low. However, you may be wondering what you should …