What to look for in a Counsellor or Psychotherapist?


Nowadays it is not complicated and trouble-free to search for a counselor, but conceivably more complicated to recognize if you have found the right one for you. There is also a ruthless situation of terminology to get your head in the region before starting to search for the exact professional. Make sure you locate someone who …


Avoiding Teenage Pregnancy – DO’s and DONT’s

Teenage Pregnancy

Even in these current times, the majority of the parents don’t want to deal with the fact that their teenage children may be having sex. Let alone contemplating the prospect that they might get pregnant. However, preventing pregnancy is all about taking the right precaution, at the right time. Teenage pregnancy and parenthood are closely connected with …


Why Should One Seek Counseling?


The reasons people come to counseling or psychotherapy, are as different as the people themselves. For some, counseling is sought when they have experienced a traumatic event, an unexpected change in life, or a life transition, triggered by distress and uncertainty. Others seek counseling when they experience a sense of imbalance in their life, while others …


Are You Practising Safe Sex?

Safe Sex

Unprotected sex can have several risks associated with it. If you are sexually active, it is your responsibility to know the risks. Why go through the unnecessary stress of whether you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or an unplanned pregnancy? Practice safe sex. Safe sex is having sexual contact, whilst protecting yourself and your partner from the mishaps …


Signs of Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer

Cancer kills the most number of people around the world. Testicular cancer may not be the most common form of cancer, however, is a concern for young men. Accumulation of abnormal cells in one or both of your testes, can cause testicular cancer. If you are aged between 20 to 34 years, then it is more likely …


What are the Risks of Abortion?


An abortion is a deliberate termination of a pregnancy, which is most often performed in the first 28 weeks. Any surgical procedure poses risks however, an abortion carried out in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can be less risky than, an abortion carried out later on in your pregnancy. An abortion can also affect your …


Demystifying Myths About HIV

HIV Myths

Several myths have been circulated regarding the transmission of HIV between individuals. People genuinely believe that they can contract the disorder through casual contact, however, this article aims to nullify some of those myths. 8 Myths about HIV × Kissing, hugging or shaking hands with a HIV-positive individual will give me the virus × You can get …


Masturbation – How much is too much?


How do you know when you’ve crossed the invisible threshold into a place where your masturbation frequency is too much? There won’t be any alarms that go off in your head and there certainly won’t be anyone to tell you, so how do you know? Well, the good news is that experts say there is …


How Caring for Your Child Together Means Great Sex?

Sex and Couple Duties

Who would have thought that dividing child care duties with your spouse could result in a great sex life? Yet, a study conducted by researchers at Georgia State University, showed that couples who co-parent their children equally, enjoy a better sex life. Who should take childcare responsibilities? The study was conducted on 487 heterosexual couples, …


5 Birth Control Options For Women

Birth Control

Which birth control option is best? There are a host of birth control options in the market today, and there’s no dearth of brands clamouring to be your best bedside partner. The question that remains, however, is which birth control option is best? Here are some options you can consider for birth control. Spermicide Spermicides are usually paired …