Ways to care for your child after Vaccination


Babies are prone to diseases the most, as their immunity isn’t developed enough to combat against diseases. Until the age of two, your child will be visiting the pediatrician constantly for vaccinations. They receive up to 12 vaccines and some are given to the child in multiple dosages. However, it is common for children to …


Immunization Guide for New Parents


We have a surprise for you this World Immunization Week, coming Monday! Earn the chance to win a Free consult with our qualified doctors. Close the immunization gap this year Join the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) campaign to raise awareness on vaccination needs. It was the smallpox vaccination that led to worldwide eradication of this …


Should the HPV Vaccine be Given to Pre-Teens?

HPV Vaccine Nurse

Cervical cancer ranks as the fifth most common cancer in humans; it is also the second most common cancer among women around the world. According to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, 99% of cervical cancer cases are linked with a HPV infection. Cervical cancer has the highest number of cancer-caused deaths in …