Nowadays, everybody is digitally connected. Smartphones, laptops and tablets have become staple members of our arsenal of must-haves. Information can be accessed at breakneck speeds from across the globe; revolutionising a phenomenon known as wireless medicine. Here are some of the newest entrants that will change the face of medical treatment in the years to come:

Virtual Data Recording

Wirelessly, a device can record and relay the weight of a heart failure patient to the doctor’s office, every morning. A fluctuation in the weight over a particular threshold, results in an automatic change in the prescription of their diuretic medication. This process occurs much before the patient even notices any symptoms resultant of the weight gain. Similarly, the blood glucose level of a diabetic patient can be sent across to the doctor daily; addressing any noticeable changes immediately.

The ‘Band-Aid’ Concept

A ‘Band-aid’ type monitor sits on a patient’s body throughout the day. It sends data regarding the patient’s respirations, temperature, pulse, blood sugar and blood pressure at regular intervals to the doctor’s office. The data is recorded and can then be relayed to the patient’s smartphone.

Sleep Pattern Band

As the number of people affected by sleep disorders increases, there is a need to decipher their sleeping pattern. This band deduces a patient’s sleep cycle by placing it around their head (Zeo), which picks up brain waves or around the wrist that determines sleep activity.


This instrument can be placed in your pant’s pocket; it calculates your daily walking and exercise. The information is wirelessly transferred to a base station, which can generate detailed reports.

The digital advancements in healthcare have made it easier for patients to get diagnosed and treated promptly. Wireless medical devices provide the opportunity for treatment from the convenience of your own home. Digital healthcare holds the key to transformative medicine.

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