The festival of lights has a sense of euphoria associated with it. It is that time of the year again, where our sweet tooth takes over our diet plans, packing an extra few calories along the way. One can never go wrong with sweets when it comes to festivals.

However, we have got you a way to enjoy the festivity, and fulfil your dessert cravings, both at the same time. We bring you the top 5 low-calorie sweets to make your Diwali healthy.

Ras Malai

Originally from Orrisa, this is described as ‘a rich cheesecake without a crust’, and is one of the most popular milk-based Indian desserts. High in minerals, protein and calcium, and low in salt and sugar. This makes for a perfect sweet dish for the festivals, and keeps calories in check.

Baked Rasgullas

Another sweet delight with its roots in Orissa, Rasgulla consists of dumplings of cottage cheese. Typically rich in carbohydrates, and protein, this Diwali, use alternatives like low fat paneer (cottage cheese), low fat milk, and sugar substitutes, to prepare the low calorie baked version at home.

Oats Dry Fruits Ladoo

Oats represent taste and health in the best possible way. Add dry fruits and you have got yourself a healthy recipe like no other. Ladoos mark the best desserts for any Indian festival, and what better way to make this diwali healthy, than bringing healthy ingredients to prepare one big festival delight. Extremely rich in protein and healthy fats, and easy to prepare, this one is worth a try.

Apple Kheer (Apple Pudding)

Kheer is another family favourite when it comes to desserts, and add fruits in it, you get the perfect combination of health and deliciousness. This calls for apple kheer, where carbs are in control, and natural sugar comes in action. Also, it is a good way to use all those fruits that keep lying around the use, in the anticipation of getting eaten. Enriched with fibre and calcium, it is a must home preparation this diwali.

Carrot Halwa

The esteemed ‘Gajar ka halwa’ is an evergreen Indian delicacy, which still blossoms during every Indian festival. From a kid to an adult, everyone is biased towards this sweet. Eliminating the use of khoya, lowers the fat content in the dish, and adding dry fruits packs another lot of nutrients in the same.

So, if you have been looking for an excuse to relish the sweets without adding extra inches to your belly this Diwali, go the healthy way and plan out your dessert menu easily from these choices. Serve these delights to your friends and family and have a sweet-filled Diwali.

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