Everybody has idealistic dreams about how they wished they looked. Yet, when those dreams engulf your life, your thoughts and your mind with an unhealthy vengeance, the dreams become a burden. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder where the desire to lose weight overrides all other aspirations. You may see yourself in a completely new light, with a false mindset that being thin equals self-worth. It is condition where the measures taken to become thin may become self-destructive. Recovery, though, is possible with the right treatment.

Food Related Signs

Anorexia Nervosa can entail a strange and unusual set of eating habits. Usually, if you have the condition, dieting despite being thin and an obsession with calories are the first signs of an eating disorder. Usually, people suffering with anorexia nervosa lie about the quantities of food consumed and frequencies at which they have consumed them, in order to avoid eating more. They are also usually fixated by food and perpetually feel a need to cook for others and be surrounded by food, though they will consume very little themselves. Anorexia Nervosa can also lead to unusual behaviour, such as an unwillingness to eat in public places, eating in planned, regulated ways, in ritualistic quantities.

Appearance Related Signs

Anorexia Nervosa can lead to a dramatic weight loss along with a constant fear of being fat despite being underweight. People suffering with anorexia nervosa also have a tendency to check themselves for flaws, imperfections and live in constant denial of being underweight. They are brutal with themselves when it comes to their appearance.

Purging and Other Symptoms

Purging, vomiting and excessive exercise are common symptoms. Appetite suppressants, stimulants, water pills, ipecac syrup and other drugs are used to curb their appetite as well as stimulate weight loss. Common disappearances after meals to rid the body of food could be signs of this phenomenon.

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