Many of us are at a job where we spend the better half of the day stuck behind a desk. Even though we promise ourselves everyday that we are going to make it to the gym everyday after work, how many of us can actually say we kept our promises. Desk jobs can lead to weight gain, studies at the Mayo Clinic have shown that people with jobs where they spend more time standing lose an average of 9 pounds in six months. Not only do these employees lose weight, but also suffer less from neck pain, back pain and other ergonomic problems. Here are five quick and easy work-outs that you can do right at your office.

Throw your trash out further away

Instead of keeping a dust bin right under your desk, try to walk a few minutes to throw away your trash. Your step count will increase and so does the amount of fat you’ll be burning.

Take a meeting-stroll

Instead of booking a room for a meeting and sitting down, try to walk and talk with your colleague(s). You can carry your phone to take notes or record your conversation.


Many of us have the habit of sitting down while we text or send emails. Try to walk around while you are typing out an email or text on your phone. Did you know that walking around for an hour can burn nearly 200 calories? Also, another suggestion would be to go up directly to your colleague instead of texting them.

Find a fitness buddy

We all know that co-workers can build up friendly competition. Try to go to the gym or count steps with a colleague. This will push both of you to achieve fitness goals that may not have done by yourself. It can also make fitness a lot more enjoyable. Challenge yourselves by creating a prize for winning – the winner buys a smoothie.

Take the stairs

This is the best fitness advice that can be given to any employee. We all look at the lift, then the stairs, back to the lift and think well I think I’ve worked hard today let me take the elevator. However, taking the stairs is the easiest way to get some cardio through the day. The faster you climb the stairs, the more calories you burn.

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