It is essential to exercise often in order to keep in shape. Exercise, not only keeps you physically fit, but also mentally happy. The water is also relaxing, after the cardio. So why not tone up and get fit by taking on swimming as part of your fitness regime? Learn five reasons why it is the best activity for losing weight.

Boost Your Mood

Swimming helps to relieve tension and stress. Speedo International Ltd. surveyed 4000 swimmers, 68% said that the water helped them feel good about themselves and 70% said they felt mentally refreshed. So, lighten up your mood with a dip in the pool. Swimmers are also less likely to report depression, anger, tension and confusion. Swimming and other vigorous exercises release Serotonin, the feel good hormone.

Sleep Better

The National Sleep Foundation found that people who swim vigorously at least twice a week, report to sleep better at night. They also had less sleep problems like waking up too early or too late, or insomnia.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Water is a lot more resistant than air, specifically 12 times more, according to Aqua for Balance. This means that your body has to work a lot harder to swim compared to run. You can think of swimming like doing weights in the gym, without the expensive machines.

Low-impact Exercise

Due to the buoyancy of water, you are only bearing 10 percent of your weight when you swim. It makes swimming a great workout for even injured athletes or elderly, who may have joint problems. This also means that you can swim for longer periods of time and on a regular bases without exhausting yourself.

Breathe Better

Swimming is great for the lungs. This is because you are under the water, limiting the oxygen availability, causing your body to use the available oxygen more effectively. This will also cause the swimmer to take in more fresh air on every breath, while expelling more carbon dioxide from the body.

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