Climate change can affect our planet in many ways like rising sea levels, storms, heat-waves, melting icecaps, etc. However, have you ever thought that it can also affect your health?Yes, that’s true! Few studies suggest that change in weather can affect human health in many ways:

High risk of heart diseases

Heart Disease

Autonomic nervous system is a part of the central nervous system that helps the body to adjust with the environment. It manages the functions of the body including electrical activity of the heart and airflow to the lungs. High temperatures and ground-level or ‘bad’ ozone can harm the health of your heart by affecting autonomic nervous system and affecting heart-rate variability.

More allergies


Recent studies suggest that change in weather comes with high risk of allergies due to rising total pollen production along with population’s sensitivity to them.

High risk of death due to natural disasters


Heat waves and drought are the deadliest natural disasters in India. In fact, last year more than 2,330 people died due to heat wave in our country. Change in weather can cause extreme events –such as floods, storms and heat waves – causing a lot of damage to human lives.

Disease transmission

Disease Transmission

In general, the organisms that transmit diseases are cold-blooded and depend on their surrounding environment to control their internal temperature. Hence, hot weather would work as the best time for these vectors to transmit diseases such as malaria.

High risk of mental illnesses

Mental Illness

Studies say that extreme weather change can affect your mental health in many ways. In fact, people who are already living with mental illnesses – such as dementia and schizophrenia – are high at risk. This is due to interference of certain medications (prescribed for mental illnesses) with temperature regulation.

These are just few of the factors. There are a lot more ways climate change can affect your health. So, what is the solution? Keep your planet green to keep most of the diseases at bay.

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