Did you know that every 96 minutes, an Indian dies because of over alcohol usage?

It is no wonder then, that the states all over India are cracking down on liquor stores. Different places in India have different drinking cultures. However, alcohol abuse is on the rise nowadays. It is estimated that there might be as many as 14 million people who are dependent on alcohol, in India.

People turn to alcohol in an attempt to forget the pressures and stress of life. Rather than that, alcohol brings a whole host of problems into life. Drinking alcohol at small amounts infrequently does not overly affect the health, it might eventually lead to alcohol dependency. Today, the main problems revolve around binge drinking, underage drinking and alcohol addiction.

Why give up alcohol?

The worst effects of alcohol are apparent over a long term of drinking. However, binge drinking can be equally dangerous. Binge drinking is when the drinker consumes a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time. It can cause blackouts resulting in memory loss, headaches and a rapid rise in the alcohol concentration in the blood, which can lead to alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can affect nerves that influence breathing and heart beat that might prove fatal, cause brain damage and even trigger seizures. Constant binge drinking can damage all organs, and of course, it also plays a major role in causing alcoholic liver disease.

Long term drinking is another form of suicide. It can lead to conditions like obesity, dementia, liver disease, diabetes and maybe even cancer. Addiction is far more harmful, bringing about withdrawal symptoms in the absence of alcohol. High blood pressure, ulcers, amnesia, gastritis, nerve damage and not to mention liver disease.

How to combat excessive drinking?

Drinking becomes a habit after a while. Coming out of this habit is difficult, still, it can be done. With the support of friends and family, cutting back on drinking a little every day and staying hydrated can be great measures. Switching to other drinks and rewards for abstaining can make a difference. Improved mood, better health, sleep and a stronger immune system are some of the benefits of going without alcohol.

Alcohol can cause a lot of problems from deteriorating social relationships to road accidents and suicides. Moderating alcohol consumption is key for a healthy society.

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