With the monsoon season approaching, you may be stung pretty often by mosquitoes, buzzing around your home or in the great outdoors. It is difficult to pinpoint these tiny insects when they bite you, but their bite leaves behind a nasty itch and reddish swelling, maybe even for several days.Mosquito bites are harmless, but can create a bump that is typically sore, swollen or itchy. These insects are attracted to human blood and may sometimes carry diseases like malaria or dengue. It is essential to consult a doctor if you experience difficulty breathing, swollen throat or hives after a mosquito bite.



Placing an ice-cold bag on the bite can reduce inflammation. The cold also gives short-term relief by numbing the skin. A bag filled with crushed ice or a cold pack can be used to relieve the itching. However, make sure you don’t leave it on for too long as it can damage the skin!


Aloe Vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used at times after waxing to reduce irritation and inflammation. The gel heals minor wounds like a bug bite. You can either get the gel but cutting open a plant or you can buy a pre-packed gel from the nearest pharmacy.


Yes, you read that right. The ingredient commonly used in the kitchen for baking, can also be used to reduce the inflammation caused by mosquito bites. Create a paste by adding a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda and the same amount of water. Apply the paste to the infected area for about 5-10 minutes before washing off.

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