It is inevitable to live life without technology nowadays. We live in a world filled with phones, laptops, computers and iPads. While working or studying you will have to fixate your eyes on your screens for long periods of time. This causes headaches, blurred vision, insomnia and eye-problems. Learn some ways to lower the strain on your eyes while using your laptop or phone.

Make sure your check your eyes REGULARLY

Have a comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist (eye doctor) regularly, making sure that you don’t have any power in your eyes. Regular computer users should take this exam more often.

Work in a well-lit room

Eye strain can be prevented by proper lighting. It can be caused by excessively bright lighting, harsh-interior lighting or sunlight entering the room from a window. The best lighting to work on a laptop is the type of lighting found in offices, known as half-bright ambient lighting. Also, avoid fluorescent lighting and use a floor lamp instead.

Screen display can prevent eye strain

LCD screens that are usually found on laptops are better for your eyes than old-style CRT monitors. LCD screens also have anti-reflective surfaces, which lower strain. The old style monitors can cause flickers which make you feel more tired while staring at your screen for long periods of time.

Also, adjusting your computer or laptops display settings can reduce the strain and fatigue. Adjust the brightness to the brightness of your surrounding work station. Make sure its not too bright or too dark. Also, adjust text size and contrast to optimum levels that suit you to prevent strain. The colour temperature should be warmer (more orange and red compared to blue light) in order to comfortable view the screen for long periods.

Blink more often than usual

While working, studying or playing games we may often forget to blink. However, it is essential to blink often as blinking cleans your eyes, moistening them and preventing dryness. If you have naturally dry eyes it maybe useful in investing in lubricating eye drops. However, make sure you consult a doctor before you go out and buy them.

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