All of us get coughs and colds frequently. Some lucky people don’t have to face this too often, however for some of us, catching a cold is something that happens every few weeks.

There aren’t any medicines that work on this viral disease. So, it is important to eat healthy to boost the immune system, which can fight the cold better. That means we’ll be better sooner rather than later. Fever and colds alter the body’s metabolism, so you need to eat and drink more.

Here are ten super foods to eat while you have a cold:

  1. The traditional chicken soup. Research published in American Journal of Therapeutics shows that carnosine, a compound in chicken soup can help the boost the immune system. Chicken has cysteine, an amino acid that reduces mucus. Constantly having soup can bring the body back to health relatively quickly. It also helps prevent dehydration.
  2. Tea. Ginger, honey and lemon, green and peppermint tea is great for decongesting blocked noses and sneezing. It also has antioxidants and soothes the throat. Hot water in tea also helps clearing airways.
  3. Curd or yoghurt has probiotic or good bacteria that help maintain the balance of bacteria in the gut and not let the infection progress. They also improve digestion so the other nutrients are properly absorbed and help fight the cold. They also help increase the production of immune cells.
  4. Citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. Fruits like lemon, grapefruit and orange; and vegetables like spinach have vitamin C, which is known to help with colds. They have flavonoids which make the immune system stronger.
  5. Spicy food. Eating spicy food always leaves us with a runny nose. So it helps decongestion of nasal passages.
  6. Sweet potato. It has β Carotene that fights toxins and helps in the development of immune system cells. The vitamin A helps maintain the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract. Other vegetables can be cantaloupes, carrots and egg yolks.
  7. It has allicin, the antimicrobial properties of which helps get rid of the bacteria. Garlic also helps the good bacteria flourish. Cauliflower is another vegetable that is full of antioxidants.
  8. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are amazing help to fight a colds and congestion. It also neutralizes toxins.
  9. Whole grains. These have zinc, which help increase lymphocytes (a type of cell which is a part of immune system).
  10. Water and juice. Drinking lots of fluids is important to stay hydrated.

These foods would help you beat the sniffles and be back to being healthy in no time!

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