We may consider a broken heart to be a temporary feeling of longing for your significant other, however did you know that it could potentially cause death if the heart break was intense. A heart break can cause emotional and sometimes even physical stress. The emotional pain can cause a broken heart syndrome

What can cause the broken heart syndrome?

If you’ve just been through a bad break up, or worse, a close family member or friend has died, you may feel a physical ache within the left cavity of your chest. These feelings could be considered a natural part of adulthood’s love and loss. However, in some cases it turns into a life-threatening condition, the broken heart syndrome. According to Mayo Clinic, an influx of stress hormones are secreted in response to devastating news.

What happens during the syndrome?

There is a temporary disruption of the blood that is pumped in and out of your heart. This disruption is caused by the surge of stress hormones. The disruption causes the amount of blood pulsing through a valve to significantly increase, due to the force of contraction, which can actually kill you. The broken heart syndrome was discovered in Japan, in 1991, by researchers who coined its name as takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The symptoms include shortness of breath and sudden chest pain (angina), usually triggered by a tragic event.

“It’s not as benign a condition as originally thought…The true mortality rate is only becoming manifest as we have a broader experience with this.”

Dr. Scott Sharkey, Cardiologist at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Thankfully, the broken heart syndrome can be treated. The recovery time for the syndrome is a few weeks. Only in some rare cases the event can lead to death. It is essential to know that the signs of a broken heart syndrome and a heart attack are different. Blood tests and an ECG will vary between the two conditions. Studies have revealed that this syndrome is more common among women compared to men, according to Heart.org. So, it may be essential to treat your depression or heart break early by speaking with a professional.

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