Concentration refers to the ability of being able to focus on one particular thing at a time. If you are able to focus all your attention to the matter at hand, then your concentration is known to be good. Improving your concentration can require a great amount of effort and time. It requires long-term efforts, which will bring productive results. So, if you are just trying to get better grades or be more efficient at work, try these simple techniques to boost your concentration.

Keywords Technique

Studying can be difficult if your mind wanders a lot and you lose your concentration. The keywords technique works on the basis that you have to find the right keyword on what you are studying or doing, when you feel that you are losing concentration. You need to repeat the particular keyword in your mind until you come back to the topic at hand. For instance, if you are reading a book about the brain and you feel your mind wander, say the keyword brain repeatedly until your mind comes back to the book. Then continue reading.

Work on a desk

Many students and some working professionals tend to work on beds, this is a bad habit to develop. The bed is where you go to sleep, not a place where you can concentrate and work. When you work on a bed, you are subconsciously receiving sleep signals. This confuses the brain as you are receiving signals to concentrate and sleep at the same time. In order to avoid this, do your work on a desk rather than on your bed.

Give yourself enough breaks

The mind needs rest as well, in order to perform at its best. Your brain needs oxygen to concentrate so try to get up and take a quick walk once in awhile to get your blood pumping. You should take breaks at least once every hour or half an hour for better concentration. Consistently working for several hours at a stretch prevents your brain from functioning effectively. Try to slip in quick breaks or power naps to reboot your concentration.

These are just some ways to improve your concentration. However, there are many other techniques too that can help you perform your best all the time. Get plenty of sleep a day, plan out your activities in advance, eat balanced meals, exercise regularly and meditate often. If you follow some of the methods, you will see a change in your ability to concentrate in due time.

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