According to Medicine Net, about 20% of teenagers experience depression into their adulthood. General symptoms of depression include feeling down, hopeless and irritable for more than two weeks. Teenagers can be moody in general, however, the intensity of their feelings from high to low can been seen as a sign of depression. They will withdraw from social activities and sports they enjoy doing regularly. Poor performance in school and behavioural problems at home or in school may also be observed. Apart from those sign, these common symptoms of depression can be seen. Nevertheless, the positive thing is that over 70% of teenagers will improve through therapy and medication, according to Psych Central.

How to treat depression at home?

Depression can usually run in families and can usually be triggered by physical or sexual abuse. It can also be caused by stressful life events like a breakup, death or parental divorce. Depression is treatable, teenagers should not be ashamed of sharing their feelings with their loved ones. Learn some tips on how to treat your teenagers depression at home:

  • Listen to them rather than giving them a lecture. Creating a communication channel is critical.
  • Don’t talk your teen out of depression. Acknowledge their feelings even if they may seem irrational or silly to you.
  • Set aside some time everyday to talk to your teen. Prioritise some face time with them without any distractions or while multi-tasking.
  • Encourage your child to take part in activities after school, like art, music, dance, sports and other clubs. Especially involve them in activities that reflect your child’s talents and interests.
  • Social service and volunteering helps teens by being a self-esteem booster. It will also give them a sense of purpose by helping others.
  • Give them well-balanced, nutritional meals like healthy protein, omega-3 fats, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit the time spent by your teenager in front of the television, laptop or phone. Instead of helping them, social media and excessive internet usage can exacerbate their problems.
  • Teenagers need more sleep than adults, at least 9 to 10 hours per night. Make sure your teen is not staying up at night surfing the web.

If you are unable to manage your teens depression from your home, it may be wise to seek help from a professional counsellor or doctor.

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