Depression is a serious mood disorder that can affect the patient’s thoughts, day-to-day activities (sleeping, eating) as well as their work. Numerous studies have shown that exercise can help fight depression. Exercise causes the release of feel-good chemical such as neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. Although concrete links have not yet been established, psychological benefits have been noted. Here are some of the positive changes you can look forward to:

Confidence Building

Exercise keeps you looking lean and feeling fit, increasing your self-confidence. Setting small achievable goals for yourself should be important milestones that you should cherish. A healthier body, creates a positive mind.

Divert Your Mind

Depression leaves you vulnerable and emotionally volatile. Make exercise a tool to divert your mind. Choose a gym, take up yoga, talk to experienced professionals. These activities are sure to keep you diverted from sad thoughts.

Become More Social

Exercising in groups gives you a chance to meet new people, strike-up new conversations and develop a social circle. The high energy music and tempo of a Zumba class can help lift up your mood.

Try alternating exercise forms to maintain the momentum and avoid monotony. Sticking to one routine, in one place, every single day might bore you, which is the foremost reason for not reaching the goals of a healthy lifestyle. Do not overexert yourself and find a form of exercise that you like. Don’t forget to take breaks and relax. Creating variety in the your life will motivate you, driving positive thoughts, and eradicating depression.

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