Feeling upset, sad, stressed or anxious are common emotions that everybody has to deal with at some point in time. However, it is essential for the feelings to not overwhelm you to the point where you are unable to go about your day-to-day activities. Learn about how to cope with anxiety problems.


So, there are few food or drinks that can make you more anxious. What you consume on a daily basis  has a large impact on your levels of anxiety.

Coffee: Caffeine levels in coffee can induce anxiety, so try to switch to decaffeinated drinks or water in the morning to reduce stress levels over time.

Sugar: Sugary-foods or starchy treats can actually cause more fluctuations in your emotions compared to common-thought. People tend to eat comfort foods like cookies or ice-cream when they go through a difficult time, however, these may not always be helpful. Try to replace these treats with fresh vegetables or fruits.

Alcohol: When you are feeling stressed, the natural response for some maybe to go out for a drink. Although, alcohol maybe a temporary fix, the after effects can cancel out the temporary feeling of relaxation. Make sure to hydrate yourself with water, when you go out drinking. Tobacco and drugs tend to have a similar effect as alcohol, so try to avoid them.

Sleep well and make sure you relax enough

Getting a good eight to nine hours of sleep a day is necessary to help your body recharge. It will help you have enough energy to cope with the ups and downs of the next day. Cortisol is the stress-hormone, which causes anxiety. Your body gets rid of this hormone while you are asleep, therefore it is essential to get plenty of sleep in a day. Also, having a regular sleep cycle can help. Avoid looking at screens at night before bed, tuck away your phone, laptop and turn off your television at least half an hour before you go to sleep.

Relaxation for many maybe coming home after a hard day’s work and watching television or sitting on your laptop. Although this maybe relaxing in some cases, it can actually have an adverse effect on your stress and anxiety levels. The body actually needs a relaxation technique like breathing exercises or yoga that helps to unwind your body and mind. You can also try to do a sport that your like, read a book or play an instrument to help you relax.

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