In the previous post, we saw the various manifestations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Now let’s explore the different management options available currently. Does ADHD have a cure? How can you make school and other social settings manageable for a child with ADHD?

How is ADHD diagnosed?

As of now, there is no single test to arrive at a diagnosis of ADHD. Several rating scales, along with assessment of the child’s family, teachers and general performance can be used to assess him or her. ADHD need not always be obvious. Sometimes, even if the child appears well-behaved, he might be finding it difficult to concentrate or avoid distractions. If his school performance is poor with no apparent reason, or you suspect his lack of response or interest to be out of proportion to normal kids’, it is advisable to visit a specialist to check for any ADHD symptoms and treat the condition early.

What are the treatment options available?

Medications can help bring the symptoms in control. Chiefly, a class of drugs called stimulants are prescribed. Parents are, however, advised to be on the lookout for side effects like sleep problems, personality changes, tics, irritability and stomach aches. Antidepressants are sometimes prescribed if stimulants cause too many side effects.

Psychological counselling and behavioral therapy are important adjuncts in shaping outlines to manage ADHD. As the disorder can have a variety of presentations, this approach provides a more personalized solution and is more effective in the long run.

In addition, stress management and meditation are useful in decreasing severity of symptoms. Both children and families will benefit from extra education regarding ADHD and its management.

Recent studies also demonstrate added benefit of exercise in controlling adult ADHD symptoms. While conclusive results are yet to be found, ongoing research present promising new insight into the condition everyday .

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