It is natural to go through mood swings on a day-to-day basis. However, if you are feeling low and hopeless all the time then you may have depression. Many of us maybe feeling depressed from time to time, however, it is essential to remember that depression makes it difficult to function and enjoy your life like you did before. Depression is a common and mood debilitating disorder that affects 350 million people across the United States. In 2012, the Indian National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported a total of 1,35,455 people committed suicide, the severe outcome of depression.

Warning Signs You May Be Suffering from Depression

Feeling hopeless or helpless. You may think that nothing in your life will get better or nothing can improve your situation.

Loosing interest in everyday activities. You don’t feel happy or pleasure from your previous pastimes, social gatherings, sexual activity or former hobbies.

Change in your appetite, weight loss or weight gain. Any change of more than 5% in your body weight, in a month, can be a cause for concern.

Changes in your sleeping pattern. Loosing sleep (insomnia), especially if you are waking up in the early hours of the morning. If you are oversleeping that is also a cause for concern.

Getting angry or irritable often. If you are restless, agitated often or even feeling violent. Usually those with depression may be short-tempered with low tolerance to any irritants.

Feeling tired all the time. You feel like you have no energy and you are physically drained all the time that may be a sign of depression. Your whole body may feel heavy. Small tasks may feel exhausting or may take longer to complete.

Self loathing. If you feel guilty and worthless, criticising yourself for perceived mistakes.

Behaving recklessly. If you have been drinking a lot, smoking, taking drugs, compared to before then maybe you are showing depression signs. Involving yourself in other escapist behaviour would include reckless driving, gambling compulsively and sports that can be dangerous to your health.

Problems concentrating. If you can’t focus on one thing, remember details or make decisions then you may probably be showing signs of depression.

Pains and unexplainable aches of the body. If you are having constant back pain, headaches, muscle craps or stomach pain.

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