The world of food is also beset with the snobbery of over-rated ‘healthy’ foods. Their actual superiority, however, is still to be proven. In many cases, they are a waste of money, more than anything else. Here are some top examples of money wasted on so-called ‘healthy’ foods:Premium Bottled Juices
Sugar-packed, colored and containing many artificial preservatives; pre-bottled juices are a complete waste of money. Smoothies, which boast of nutrition-rich ingredients, overlook a basic fact – fresh fruits and veggies need to be consumed fresh. Not juiced, bottled and saturated with preservatives. They are not comparable to fresh juices made from real fruits, with no added sugar, and served within 30 minutes of juicing to prevent oxidation. Fresh juices any day are a better bet for your choice of ‘healthy’ foods.

Loaded with nutritious foods like nuts, honey and seeds and yet not the best bet for quick healthy eating. In fact they are calorie dense, high on sugar and pile up fat very fast. Cheaper and healthier options are dried nuts which are tastier as well. One cup of Granola contains 5 times the calories as an equal-size cup of breakfast cereal.

Organic foods
At least 70% costlier than normal food products, organic usually spells premium, without anything to justify it! According to the public opinion, organic food is more nutritious as it has not been cultivated using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

However, a meta-analysis study by a team at Stanford University has found that there is very little difference in nutrition levels between premium organic foods and that which is grown conventionally. Published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, the research did not find any strong evidence of higher nutrition in organic foods, though it did suggest a 30% reduced risk of pesticide contamination. But they were still not 100% pesticide-free.




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