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For centuries, coffee has been a staple brew for the working class and for people who need a jolt in the mornings. Too much of a good thing is always possible, but drinking the right amount of coffee and do a lot more for your health than simply get you out of bed.

Today I’ll show you some of the proven benefits of drinking coffee, followed by an infographic that outlines them in greater detail, and shows how much you should be drinking.

Potential Health Benefits When You Drink Coffee 

If you ask a doctor about drinking coffee, odds are they’ll tell you it’s a good thing in moderation. The potential health benefits of coffee include the following:

  • Protection from type 2 diabetes
  • Lowered risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Less risk of Liver disease
  • Reduces chances of liver cancer
  • Promotes a healthy heart

Not only this, but there’s no denying the boost in productivity you get from drinking it in the mornings. I can speak from experience that when you learn how to make a blog, or any other kind of skill, it can give your brain a boost to concentrate and think creatively.

Check out the infographic below for a look at all the ways coffee can benefit your health and how much you should be drinking to receive its benefits.

Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee

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