It is common knowledge that junk food is bad. However, now there is evidence to suggest that processed foods can spike the risk of auto-immune diseases such as eczema, multiple sclerosis, alopecia and asthma. Collective findings from studies conducted by Yale University, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Harvard University, found that foods soaked in preservatives can increase the risk towards auto-immune disease.

Salt content of food

In a study conducted by Menzel et al. (2014) researchers found that in mice, extra salt induced the production of a type T-cell that has had correlations to auto-immune diseases in the past. A type T cell is a lymphocyte, which is a subtype of white blood cells used to fight off diseases and develop immunity. Following the study, the Canadian Medical Association surveyed 2,124 food items across an array of fast-food chains for their salt content. While it was found that the salt composition across products varied, food produced by American companies topped the charts with double the salt content.

deceiving low-fat labels

Natural salts that are derived from organic elements are wholesome and healthy for our body. The health foods industry, however, thrives on the low-fat label by compensating the lack of flavour with generous volumes of refined salt. Refined salt is natural salt’s unhealthy, processed cousin. The good news is that fast-food chains are witnessing a downward trend in sales. This is a testimony to the fact that as a society, we are pushing junk food off the plate and shifting towards healthier diets.

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