A good diet is important for not only a fit body, but also a fit mind. However, did you know that every nutritional element is important for brain nourishment? In fact, a nutritional deficiency can actually trigger depression.

Amino acids

They maintain a high level neurotransmission, which is responsible for ensuring a good mood. Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein in the body, these will come from protein-rich foods. For meat eaters — beef, pork, turkey, chicken or eggs will help you meet your protein requirements. Vegetarians, on the other hand, will benefit from dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese.

Vitamin B1

It is also known as thiamine. This vitamin converts blood sugar into fuel cells that give energy to the body and mind. Vitamin D is another nutrient that regulates serotonin which again helps in maintaining a good mood. Vitamin B1 is available in foods like salmon, tuna, eggs, milk, mushrooms, cereals and even tofu.


Low levels in the body can affect mental performance and lead to depression. Tank up on almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, cashews and sunflower seeds if you are a vegetarian and almost all meats if you are not.

For maintaining mental wellness, it is important to consume a good amount of nutrient rich food. Filling the plate with vegetables, fruits, cereals, high fibre and protein substitutes will nip the problem of deficiency in the bud leading to a happier, healthier life.

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