Our Story

eClinic247 was born out of the frustration of not being able to get immediate access to healthcare advice when it was needed.

After going through some sleepless nights with a sick child having recurrent stomach aches, Jeyandran Venugopal searched for urgent health care services in India, where you can talk to a paediatrician over the phone or video to get immediate advice during after-hours.

There weren’t any.

Surprised that there was no mechanism for contacting a doctor and having a simple query or ailment addressed, without having to drive to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night, Jeyandran was intrigued. Digging deeper, he found that there were healthcare platforms in several other countries that offered such a service – connecting patients to doctors 24/7 and in real-time – over voice or video calls. But no one offered such a service in India yet.

Being a technologist himself, Jeyandran started doing research, with the seed of an idea for a solution revolving around paediatric urgent care needs. But quickly, he discovered a broader need across a variety of customer segments – senior citizens with mobility problems who could not travel to the clinic for simple health care needs, busy professionals who just did not have the time to go through the hassle of making appointments, driving through traffic and waiting indefinitely in a doctor’s office. There were instances of people with mental health and counselling needs, who avoided seeking help when needed due to the social stigma. He could see that an online platform provides a more convenient, private and comfortable option as an alternative to a physical visit with a doctor.

By December 2014, he was ready with the solution – an online tele-consultation platform that would seamlessly connect patients with primary care physicians and specialists, on-demand, in real-time. Along with Prabhakar and Shital, former colleagues from Yahoo India, Jeyandran launched eClinic247 with the aim of revolutionizing the way patients are able to access doctors and seek care.

EClinic’s vision is to transform the healthcare paradigm by leveraging technology.

Here are some milestones achieved along the way so far.

Dec 2014 – Team Formation

Feb 2015 – Joined NASSCOM 10K Incubator

Mar 2015 – Company Incorporation

Jun 2015 – α-Product Release

Jul 2015 – Strategic Investment USD 0.5M Raised

Oct 2015 – Recognized as NASSCOM Emerge 50 Company

Oct 2015 – Launched Consumer Retail Product