3 most over-rated ‘healthy’ foods

granola-fruit bowl

The world of food is also beset with the snobbery of over-rated ‘healthy’ foods. Their actual superiority, however, is still to be proven. In many cases, they are a waste of money, more than anything else. Here are some top examples of money wasted on so-called ‘healthy’ foods:Premium Bottled Juices Sugar-packed, colored and containing many …


Is ditching wheat a good idea?


Ditch wheat to lose weight! That’s what Dr. William Davis, MD, a board-certified preventive cardiologist and best-selling author of the book “Wheat Belly” says. In fact he advocates ditching all other grains too, especially the pulverized, flour-versions of the grains. His series of Wheat Belly cookbooks offer gluten-free non-grain recipes containing natural foods such as eggs, meat, fowl, …


eClinic247 at the International Technology Summit 2015


The International Technology Summit 2015, organised by ASSOCHAM at New Delhi on 20th Nov brought together industry leaders and government officials, as they discussed the latest breakthrough innovations and developments towards realizing the goal of Digital India. Health and education were recurring themes, where panel discussions focused on the need to integrate technology-enabled solutions for …