Lower-back pain is a common health concern, worldwide. It can have considerable impact on well-being and finances as it can create disabilities amongst patients, leading them to take time off work. Lack of activity can be a direct cause of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle can cause certain muscles to shut down, and when that happens – the body directs the excessive stored energy elsewhere. This stored energy, when referred to the back, usually leads to pain.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can help overcome these obstacles. It can help to:

  • Lessen the effect of muscle imbalances
  • Refurbish normal posture
  • Strengthen and stabilize muscle movement
  • Enhance the function of the fascial system
  • Teach the body to distribute forces appropriately
  • Prevent needless accidents or injuries
  • Improve the dexterity and timing of physical movement

In most of the cases of back injury or degenerative diseases, the chronic pain can be reduced with regular physical activities or exercises. Stretching, strengthening, and conditioning exercises result in stronger muscles that support the spine and body’s weight. Also, when your body’s skeleton is supported, you are less likely to suffer from injury and pain.

Long-term benefits of an exercise routine

There are numerous studies that show when back-pain sufferers start a daily exercise program, including resistance exercise or strength training; these people are more likely to have less pain, can return to work, and be active again. These men and women are also less likely to need as much medical care for back problems as possible, if they exercise on a regular basis.

Exercise improves your pain threshold… With chronic pain, your pain threshold drops — in other words, it takes less pain to make you feel more uncomfortable. With cardiovascular, strengthening, and flexibility exercise, you can improve that pain threshold.”

says Trent Nessler, PT, DPT, MPT, a vice president with Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Ala.

Targeting the strength and coordination of muscles that support the spine through motor control exercise offers an alternative approach to treating lower back pain,”

said lead author physiotherapist Bruno Saragiotto, from The George Institute, University of Sydney, Australia.

Persistent lower back pain affects many every year and can often be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. There are several treatment options available to lower back pain, ranging from medications to surgery. However, one of the most sustainable and effective solutions for eliminating chronic low back pain is the regular practice of back-strengthening exercises.

So, why not exercise regularly to try and reduce your lower back pain, instead of opting for surgeries or heavy doses of medicines? Although, precaution should be taken before starting any exercise routine, consult a doctor to know the right type of work-out for you.

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