Psychology Today revealed that fathers are as essential as mothers for healthy child development. The global estimated births average out at 353,000 babies every day, according to UNICEF. This is an extraordinary about 255 births every minute! With some babies born every day the role of parents becomes extremely essential. According to the U.S. census, 1 in 3 children are raised without a father.  Numerous studies have shown that a dad’s influence can determine a child’s grades at school, social life and future achievements.

how fathers influence Their children

Father’s support, involvement and affection can build on children’s skill sets. These skill sets range from social development, cognition, academic achievement, language, sense of well-being and even good self-esteem. Future relationships with other male figures in the child’s life is determined by their primary relationship with their father.

What kind of everyday activities should involve dad?

Brigham Young University conducted a study, which determined that father’s should involve themselves in children’s everyday activities. These activities include school events, watching TV, eating dinner together, playing video games, playing outside and more importantly on family outings. The family demonstrates more satisfaction if father’s involve themselves in core activities.

“Fathers and mothers have unique and complementary roles in the home…Fathers encourage competition, independence, and achievement. Mothers encourage equity, security, and collaboration.”

Dr. Brett Copeland, Clinical Psychologist

How should you empower your kids?

Mother’s tend to worry about children’s well-being and safety, therefore, fathers should encourage risk-taking activities. Father’s are more likely to influence children to overcome various obstacles in life. This could involve advice on how to talk to strangers or teach them to swim at the deep end. It is a man’s natural tendency to be protective; father’s play a large role in protecting children from social predators and bad influences. More involvement by fathers can help in better monitoring of children’s lives.

“Paternal absence has been cited by multiple scholars as the single greatest risk factor in teen pregnancy for girls.”

Dr. Rob Palkovitz, Psychologist

The good news about fathering a child is that you don’t have to be a super-dad to make a major positive contribution to your child’s life. However, it is important for you to take time out for your child, even in between your busy work schedule, cause remember they’re growing older every day!

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